Story Slam Success

Thanks to everyone who came out to 2312 Garrett Pub on 9/22 for our very first event - a story slam. We had no idea how successful we were going to be, or even if anyone would be brave enough to get up and tell a story. But how wrong we were! Thanks to everyone who braved the the harsh light of my livingroom lamp and shared a story about being a woman at work or working with women (we are everywhere).

Marjorie Winter was our fantastic M.C. She kept us moving and laughing the whole time. Marjorie is a story slam regular, you should check her out at a First Person Arts Story Slam sometime soon. She's the best.

We hard stories about Russian strippers, the not so subtle ways women are pushed out of law firms, women in science, the ERA, and how hard it was (and still can be) for a woman to gain financial independence. Everyone shared something real and honest. 

Special shout out to Billy Smith who won the slam with an awesome story in honor of his mom and how hard she hustled to raise a good, smart man. It shows!

With all the positive feedback we will be sure to do another story slam soon, please let us know if you would like to join us or have an idea for a feminist theme. 

Our dear leader and President, Heather Boyd with our friend and the night's winner, Billy Smith. Billy not only won the event, full of great stories, but he also donated his winnings to Delco NOW. I hear he was really excited about keeping the wizard hat. Photo credit: Nicole Johns